Friday, January 9, 2009

Start of a new year!

We may just have to scrap the idea of the youth actually doing the updating on the blog. I mean, we don't have to scrap it for good...but logistically it was just a bit tricky to get that job done. I think for now I will be doing the posting on here. I hope to be a bit more faithful to this blog this we will start out right with a new post after our first meeting in 2009.

We were finally able to have a youth group meeting last night..after a few weeks off (due to Christmas, New Years and a few snow storms). It was nice to have the kids back again. It was our Yankee Swap/New Years party..since we missed both of those in December. I was amazed by the fact that everyone who came REMEMBERED to bring a gift! I had a few extra's just in case..but since everyone brought a gift if meant that my kids got to play too:)

Of course..what's gift opening without reading the from Luke 2. This was Melissa H's job. She's always the first to volunteer for reading. We then got to go through the swap..(with ME picking the coveted #1 out of the hat!). There was lots of trading and bartering going on..and lots of pretty crazy cool gifts too. There were coffee mugs with coffee from Starbucks, nice cozy throw blankets...lots of candy and chocolate and probably the coolest thing ever was the over sized Yoda pez despenser. Ethan picked that one...and nobody had the heart to take it from him (even though he was fully prepared for that!)

Along with the Yankee Swap we also had some yummy food...with brownies (the famous Mel Phillips brownies), ice cream, soda....and pizza of course.

After gift opening each of the students (and leaders..although, I was preoccupied with loading the ginormous Yoda Pez dispenser) were able to share how they saw God work in 2008. It was nice to hear what everyone had to say and they were all very genuine answers..ranging from things about the Revolve Tour, Super Bowl to places where they have seen God work in their families (like the Getty family for example). We had a time of prayer and it seems that the most requested prayer was one for guidance especially for the Seniors as they seek Gods will for what they should do next year.

It was a good night:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Youth Group Rock Climbing

When Josh is away...
the youth will play...

Basketball began this week's youth group, along with some chalk drawing. But this week was a special week. Our lovely Aaron took everyone on a trek through the mountainous region otherwise known as Josh and Kristin's back yard/woods.

The point of this journey was to discover for ourselves what must be the largest boulder in Meredith. And let me tell you, discover it we did.

The adventurous Aaron was the first to climb upon this masterpiece, soon followed by Caitlin and Sophia, who Aaron was able to lift up seemingly with no effort. Our young Mark was quite the monkey and ventured up the difficult way with Aaron. Zoe would have ventured up more willingly, but as she was wearing flip flops, it was necessary for her and Melissa to stand on Aaron's back to arrive at their destination: the top of the rock. Nate also took some prodding, and he found useful several stepping rocks we dug out of the ground(well... Aaron moved them all...). But! We eventually all arrived atop the mountain.

Sara and Mel had remained back at the house with Kirsten and Kristin and the children, and I am sure they entertained themselves somehow, but I wouldn't know how, as I was not there. Mark and Jessie did end up coming, and it was nice to see them after so long.

After the trek to the rock, we came inside to clean ourselves up and disinfect the boo-boos that we received. We watched a very interesting video from Godtube that Kirsten prepared for us, then we split into groups for prayer.

Blogged By: Melissa!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Melissa Reporting.

Tonight began as usual, but quickly we were herded downstairs by Josh.
"Everybody downstairs!" Was quickly passed along and heard by each and every ear as it was shouted by various students.
Melissa split the teams, Team 1 and Team 2. The game quickly began and the competition ensued. What began as a close match became a one sided victory. Team 2 won, thirteen to six. JB's first time on a winning team!!!

After Pictionary, Worship Time began, intermixed with a short message from Josh, about staying accountable and finding someone that you can go to who would be able to keep you accountable, and you them. One last song, then we split into males and females and had our prayer time.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

youth group setting up for spaghetti dinner

ALL DONE!!! IT LOOKS GREAT!!!! doesn't it?
packing the gram crackers for the cheese cake cuplets
making the desserts
setting the tables

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mix and Mingle...

Another awesome day of youth group...
This week's blogger/photographer is Christa :)
The first part of youth group was basically watching Melissa, Sara, and Josh play video games...

after we got bored of staring at the TV screen, we all got down on the floor and made a "massage circle". It was fun, even though Caitlin kept stopping my massage to bug Jared, but, whatever...

After a few minutes, everyone got sick of having to rub another's back...

and chaos ensued.
(Sorry, Christa has left the building, and once again, Melissa has been assigned to take over.)

Well, while the massage circle was going on, a couple of the students and leaders were actually having a very entertaining conversation. I can't quite remember what the conversation was on however...

After a while of social activities, we headed downstairs to the basement to have Worship and Prayer time. This night there was only one male student attending, and therefore, we did not split into female/male groupings. Instead, we stayed together for prayer, then headed upstairs to mix and mingle. We're really good at the mixing and mingling, it's something we have an extreme knack for. (Last sentence written by Caitlin... and now back to Melissa)

So it was a swell evening, and everyone is slowly dispersing. Woot for Youth Group!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pictures from last week.

There! Pictures. Sorry I was such a slacker about getting them up here!